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Our Vision

Airplane owners, pilots, World War veterans, collectors, enthusiasts and the likes, all seek to find the most trusted site that could replicate their babies. We envisioned one single place for them to hop on anytime, anywhere.

Our team has come up with the venue to recreate any memorabilia, toys and other preloved items. Particularly in wood, resin, glue and lacquer paints, our craftsmen are equipped with first-hand knowledge, thus we are assuring each of our customers, premium quality for our finished products. These people we call artists are equipped with skills to carve each model from a piece of raw wood to a fine painted finish.

Unlike any other large-scale wood model making companies and manufacturers, our team focuses on marketing our product with the least possible costs, enabling us to fix our profit margin to minimum, quality never been compromised though.

Today marked the new set of our creation and team up. Previous model orders are also featured on the next couple of pages. Please feel free to contact us by our Email to customize your order. We may not have a quality assurance team but each one of us, have the do’s and don’ts of ensuring high value in our creations.

We do work in separate stages, each one are experts on their own fields. Our carvers have at least 10 years of learning experience from large scale wood model manufacturers. The process have never been changed. All year through, the same materials are being used, applied, with a bit of ingenuity. From carved wood, it is being puttied with lacquer-based paints and primers. Elimination of wood grains along with paint application is manually done, sanded piece-by-piece. Painting consumes most of the time in the whole process. Our artist’s share is the most meticulous part in finalizing the product, a Work or Art, our Masterpiece.

Order now for a minimum $95.00 initial payment to start production.


We are Paypal verified. Full Refund or Replacement is guaranteed. In case you don’t like our item after receipt, email us first so we can make arrangements. Defective items due to shipping mishandling are given 30-45 days replacement guarantee. Our product is top one. Each item is skillfully handcrafted by our wood carvers and finally hand-painted in details by our gifted artists.


We are on a made-to-order basis. The whole process takes 4 stages- Carving, Putty, Painting and Detailing. Normally production lead time is 4-6 weeks. It includes wood treatment, figure cutting, drying, painting and final detailing. Most of the time, carving and painting are the two interdependent procedures that enable us to cut short our lead time.


Our Shipping and handling charges are at the lowest. We normally charge $30-$90 international shipping fee for regular size models and depending on buyer’s location. Sometimes FREE shipping is also being offered depending on the recipient’s address. We send the package through a partner courier with 4-8 days delivery time. You can also choose your own shipping method at your own cost and convenience.

7 thoughts on “Model Planes and More

  1. How much is shipping charge to Australia?

    1. $35(USD). You have just missed our Free Shipping Promo.

  2. Can you replicate my 1970 C177 plane?

    1. Please send us through email a picture of your plane. Our email address is

  3. My father’s birthday will be 3 weeks from now. Would you be able to finish the model in 2 weeks or less?

    1. Normally production lead time is 4-6 weeks. But we can negotiate on that. Email us now!

  4. Your Paypal Link is not working correctly.

    Please email us direct at . Our site is under maintenance.

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