About Us

We work as a team.

We do not own a factory. We do not have our own workforce either. We are not in a common place, rather, we go from one place to another.

We work independently as a small producers of wood model airplanes in the Philippines. Owning a factory means a lot of resources to attend to not to mention the costs to acquire bigger space and a lot or workers to look into. Our TEAM is a collection of independent artists and craftsmen who are previously employed with these factories, and also those that are experts in each line of crafts.

We carve independently. Once an order is in progress, it will go directly to the carver in-charge. He has his own set of machinery and tools to come up with an assembled piece ready for the next stage-Putty.

As this process, Puttying, is in progress, the artist managing the over-all look of the project now collates all necessary markings/details to be painted on. He has his own working table specifically designed for his own preference. Then it’s all done, a Masterpiece!

Order now for a minimum $95.00 initial payment to start production. 

Hours For orders and inquiries, you may email us @ modelplanesandmore@gmail.com
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