USS McClusky FFG-41 Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigate Wood Model Ship


Model Length – 24 inches


FFG-41 USS McClusky

Named after Rear Admiral Wade McClusky, or simply called Might Mac, this Frigate or Destroyer was commissioned December of 1983 until January, 2015.  With hull symbol FFG-41 and named McClusky, it has total displacement 0f 4,100 tons, overall length 453 feet, and 45 feet beam.  Speed is over 29 knots and 5,000 nautical miles range.

Armaments: 1 OTO elara MK 75 naval gun, 2 triple-tube MK 32 Topedo Launchers, 1 Vulcan Phalanx, 4  0.5 Cal. Machine Guns, 1 MK.13 Mod 4 single arm launcher  for Harpoon anti-ship missiles and SM-1MR standard Anti-ship or anti-air missiles.

Sunk as a target during July 19, 2018 RIMPAC.



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